the best (mothers) day.

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day! Honestly, with the husband and son I have, every day feels like mothers day. But who doesn’t love a special day about them? All I expected for the day was to spend the day at home with my boys, because that is all I ever really want to do, but Noah had the day packed with surprises and plans.

Last year on Fathers Day, we announced our pregnancy. A little early, I hadn’t hit 12 weeks yet, but I was too excited to keep it in. I remember thinking how I couldn’t wait for my first mothers day.

Mason woke up at 4 am wanting a bottle, which hasn’t happened in forever but we think he’s going through a growth spurt. So after that, I couldn’t go to back to sleep. While Noah and Mason were in dream land, I was just running around the house and watching YouTube makeup gurus. (thats my new fav thing to do, btw). At 8 o clock, the FedEx man knocked on the door and I given the most beautiful bouquet of colorful roses and chocolates.(thank you fed ex man for working on Mothers Day and delivering smiles). What a way to start a day! I was all smiles from there on. I knew we were having brunch, but had never been to the place. Noah made reservations for us at Eddie Merlots in downtown Pittsburgh. It was so nice to get all dressed up and dress up Mason and have a family outing. The restaurant itself was beautiful and had floor to ceiling windows that the baby just loved to look out of. He was perfect the whole brunch and I am so thankful for that lovely outing. Noah also got me a few of my favorite things. (hint. a super cute coffee mug, and a lot of unhealthy food). HE EVEN  LET ME NAP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY YOU GUYS.

Mothers day is about spending time with your family and feeling appreciated. I felt so appreciated by Noah yesterday! Sometimes its good to get assurance that you’re doing things well and right. Ill never ever forget my first mothers day, and how Noah went above and beyond to make me feel special. No matter the circumstance, he somehow manages to make everything work.


Thank you baby. And thank you Mason for my gift you “picked” out.

All my love to the mothers out there, future mamas, mamas of babies in heaven, women who are yearning to be mothers, and those who decided that being a mama wasn’t for them. You ALL rock. Women are warriors, y’all.

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with love, always,

Sara D.


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