seperation anxiety.

Since having Mason, I haven’t been away from him for more than a couple hours. I am always with him, taking care of him, and getting to cuddle him whenever I want to. It has been a dream. I absolutely LOVE being a stay at home mom.

Sadly, though, I begin school full time in one week. I will be getting a degree in the medical field, and I am very excited to get my foot into a new career field. Me going to school is very important for my personal growth and also important for my families future. So, it’s a good thing. BUT. I am really starting to freak out about leaving Mason. I will be in school 8 hours a day M-F, and Mason will be with Noah’s mommy. I am so grateful to have a mother in law who is so involved and willing to take care of Mason while I further my education. But I am still so sad. I mean, I have spent every day with him and sometimes I look at him and I’m like, SHOCKED at how big he has gotten. Like I feel like it just flew by. I am so worried that by me going to school, I’m going to miss it all. It is giving me a lot of anxiety, and I am definitely losing sleep over it.

In general, I am a very protective person. I worry about everyone I love and I hate when they’re away, as I just want them to be safe. I call noah like 8 times on his way to and from work, because he works so far away, and I just want to make sure he’s driving safe. So leaving Mason for so long every week day is killing me.

I know that a lot of moms work, and this is basically the same thing as that. I am sure it’s hard for everyone, but I really can’t stop thinking about it! I want to be there to kiss him when he cries, and watch over him all day.

Does anybody have any advice with how to deal with this? Share your experiences.


Sara D.


One thought on “seperation anxiety.

  1. I stumbled upon your blog post and I am in the same boat! My son is almost 8 months old me and his dad have only left him one for 3 hours right down the street from us at 6.5 months old! I am a stay at home mom and absolutely love every second I get with my boy, but I am starting my nursing program this August and it will be the same as yours M-F 8-3:30 and once clinical start 6:30-3:30! His dad of course has his career already and would prefer one of us to stay with our son, he always says “We had him, he should be cared for by us.” Which I totally understand but I feel like I always need to have something that’s for myself! And then I feel guilt like I’m his mother I should be caring for him… I’m so stuck! I feel guilty by staying home and guilty by leaving him!
    I love being a stay at home mom, but I have so much respect for woman who can do it all work, being a mother, and wife!

    I have been telling myself it’s better to get it done while he’s young so you don’t have to be withdrawn as he’s older!

    I hope you find success in school and are able to find the balance of being a mommy and a student! Good luck!!!
    Mari Mendoza
    Instagram- Mari__beaa


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