5 baby products we LOVE.

When I was pregnant, I spent so much time on store websites trying to figure out what I needed for Mason. I lived off of reviews of products and hoped that he would like them. I remember it being so stressful trying to build a baby shower registry, and trying to make sure your house was stocked with everything you need for your little bundle of joy.

Here are some products that worked for our family. Some of these I couldn’t live without.

MAM anti-colic bottles.


Mason eating from his fav bottle!

WE LOVE THESE. Seriously. We tried a couple bottles before arriving at these. First we tried the Tomme Tippee bottles, even buying their sterilizer, but Mason just did not take to those nipples. We had a very hard time feeding him because the nipples would collapse constantly. He also would have a hard time latching onto me after a feeding with a Tomme Tippee. Then we tried the Medela bottles, and he hated those as well. Finally, we arrived at the MAM bottles, and Mason took to them so well. They are anti-colic, so we barely deal with bubble pockets. These bottles are also self sterilizing. All you do is place the nipple inside, cover it with the bottle cover, and stick it in the microwave. This was great for us because we went through a hard time with Mason dealing with Thrush, so we had to sanitize a bottle after every feeding. The MAM self-sterilizing process made it so easy to keep Mason’s bottles clean. The best part of these was that Mason was able to eat from a MAM bottle, then latch onto me with no problem. I would recommend these to any mom or mom to be.

You can buy these at Target, Walmart, or online.

LAWN Countertop Drying Rack by Boon

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This product was a great addition for us. I got tired of putting out towels and having the bottles dry next to the sink, mostly because it was an eye sore. I wanted something cute to keep the kitchen looking sleek. It is also very effective! We place the bottles upside down letting the water drip down into the tray. The green “grass” is removable, allowing you to clean out the white dish where the excess water is.

We bought ours from Babies R’ Us!

Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller

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This car seat has made life so much easier. I found it through days of researching car seats. We placed Mason in this right away, leaving the hospital in this bad boy. This car seat converts into a stroller with the push of a button. Taking a new baby around town is one of the most complicated things ever, and this carseat helps with that. We never needed to take a heavy stroller in the trunk wherever we went. We get SO many comments on this car seat wherever we go. Even the nurses at the hospital thought it was so neat! You are almost guaranteed to get stares when using this stroller. This is probably my favorite baby buy.

We bought this at Buy Buy Baby!

Skip Hop Moby 3 Stage Tub

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We got this tub as a gift, and used it after we tried one that did not work for us. We loved how Mason was more upright making it easier to give him a bath, especially when he was a newborn. This tub has 3 stages, so that it grows with your baby. As you can tell in the photo above, Mason loves it!

You can get this at Babies R us.

4moms Bounceroo


We purchased this after we found out that Mason hated the MamaRoo from this brand. He ended up liking this way more. This is the only bouncer/swing contraption that Mason can fall asleep on. It has 3 vibrating speeds paired along side with 3 vibrating styles. For under 100 bucks, this item is a steal. You can find this on the 4moms website, along with so many more of their innovative products.

Can’t wait to try more fun products as Mason grows older!




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